Manrose 20W Bathroom Extractor Fan only £9.71

b-and-q-logoScrewfixIf you’re looking for an expensive direct replacements for an existing bathroom extractor fan then you need look no further than the Manrose Axial 20W Bathroom Fan from Screwfix or B&Q.

You can get your hands on the Manrose Axial 20W Bathroom Extractor Fan for Just £10.49 from B&Q and if your buying more than 5 then you’ll be able to get them for £9.71 each at Screwfix (£10.79 each if buying less than 5)

This product is made from white Plastic and has a square grille that measures 140mm by 140mm. It Complies with PartF building regulations and is BEAB approved. The extraction Rate is 85m³/hr , it has a 20 minute timer screwfix-manrose-extractor-fanand has Humidistat Setting.

The measured noise level at 3 meters from the fan is 41dbA, which is fairly quiet about a quarter of the noise level of an avarege persons conversation voice.

The Hole in wall should be off diameter 112mm, if this is a new fan installation then you will likely need some other components for the job, like ducting.

This product is very simple to fit, the only fiddly bit should be the wiring as the product is quite small. If you are replacing an old bathroom extractor fan When you switch it on you may think it is not working at first, as it will likely be much quieter than your old one.

The Manrose 20W Bathroom Extractor Fan will cost you just

£9.71 / £10.79 from Screwfix- Buy it now!


£10.49 from B&Q – Buy it now!


Both B&Q and Screwfix offer free next working day delivery on orders over £50 or delivery costs £5 per order on orders under £50.

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